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Welcome to Traveling With Monkeys, the website that will help you become a confident family traveler.  Let us show you that traveling with kids is not only possible, but meaningful and affordable, and how it can bring your family closer together while simultaneously teaching your kids to reach out and care about others.

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Old-Florida Family Fun On The Gulf Of Mexico

Florida vacations run the gamut from bohemian-style parties in the Florida Keys to kid-crazy family-fun zones in Orlando. But there’s a semi-secret part of the Sunshine State that hides in plain sight along the Gulf Coast and Tampa Bay.

How To Use The ASTC Travel Passport Program To Visit Museums For Free

It has been quite the frigid winter here in the Midwest. Record breaking. Between the -15 degree temperatures and the flu that is going around, all of my kids are getting stir crazy and I’m feeling the mommy burnout starting to set in. 

Let's Talk Love: Identifying the Love Languages Within Your Family

It’s February, the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the month of love! Most often we think of it as a day for romance and endeavor to make sure our significant other knows we care. This is typically expressed between couples through token gifts such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and. . .

A Yogi’s Guide on How to Deal with Stress on a Family Vacation

Vacations are so great.  Really, they can be some of the best times of our lives!  But, unfortunately, they can also bring along unwanted stress.  This article will teach you how to deal with stress on a family vacation.  

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