12 Bizarre Christmas Traditions That Make Your Family Look Normal

When it comes to Christmas, we all have our special family traditions—whether that involves tumbleweed trees, running in Santa speedos, or ogling leg lamps.  Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to put before you our list of 12 Bizarre US Christmas Traditions that just might be weirder than your own.

1 | Surfing Santas – California

This charity surf event on Salt Creek Beach in California awards prizes in categories with names like “Kris Kringles,” “Sugar Plums,” and “Yule Loggers.”

2 | Lobster tree – Rhode Island

With endless symbolic creativity, residents of Block Island construct a Christmas tree made out of 200 lobster cages.

3 | Don’t Forget the Butter! – Delaware

To some Delaware children of Swedish descent, Christmas may involve a visit from Tomte, impish folk who take offense if butter is left out of their soup.  These domestic spirits like butter more than Santa Claus likes milk with his cookies.

4 | Cult Classic Obssession – Ohio

“You’ll shoot your eye out,” is one of the unforgettable lines from the cult classic film, A Christmas Story.  You can tour or even stay overnight in this reconstructed home.  The gift shop features leg lamps of all sizes.

5 | Obligatory Jello Fish – Minnesota

Lutefisk is a dish composed of dried white fish soaked in lye.  “It is said that about half the Norwegians who immigrated to America came in order to escape the hated lutefisk and the other half came to spread the gospel of lutefisk’s wonderfulness” (Norwegian-American Saying).  Many Minnesotans eat this dish on Christmas. . . whether they like it or not.

6 | Historically Accurate Gingerbread Houses – Utah

Every year our Managing Editor and (willing) members of her family construct gingerbread houses representing famous scenes from history.  Gummy bears represent humans who are typically engaged in acts of war— from Mayan temple sacrifices to the Viking raid shown in this photo.

7 | Tumbleweeds – Arizona

Chandler, Arizona joins in the holiday spirit by constructing trees out of the famous symbol of the American West.  When it is hot on Christmas, why not build a tree out of tumbleweeds?

8 – 12 | Submit your own weird tradition!

To all of our readers this Christmas, submit your own weird holiday tradition with a photo.  We will feature it on our website and the most unusual wins a special  gift.  Reply in the COMMENTS section below for consideration.

From all of us at Traveling With Monkeys, we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

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