How Not to Die on Your First Trip to Disney World

How not to die on your first trip to disney world with a creepy Mickey Mouse garden sculpture in the back.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Walt Disney World in Orlando is a magical place, especially for kids. In the spring of 2014, when our girls were five and seven, my wife and I took them on a six-day family vacation to Disney World. What we learned is that for children (and adults), hunger, fatigue, and overstimulation can dull the Disney magic. So, to keep everyone from dying on your first trip, here are some Walt Disney World tips.

Bear Lake: The Caribbean of the Rockies

Bear lake from the highway on a sunny dayThe pristine aquamarine waters of Bear Lake, Utah.

If you are looking for an incredible destination for your next family vacation, look no further than the pristine aquamarine waters of Bear Lake, Utah. This mountain paradise nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains is often referred to as the Caribbean of the Rockies.