CityPASS Review

Maximize family fun in these US cities with TWM's exclusive CityPASS reviews.

This CityPASS review will show you how to maximize this package deal in 10 major US cities.  Our goal at TWM is to provide you with amazing advice and killer opportunities to help execute an amazing family vacation. We love deals that can really help stretch your vacation dollar to its limit, and one deal we’ve found that will put that bang in your buck is CityPASS.

How Does CityPASS work?

This American company was established to produce and sell discount tickets to metropolitan attractions across North America.  Before your trip, purchase the tickets online.  Skip many lines at the attractions of your choice in whatever order you so desire.  If you have any questions or need assistance, CityPASS offers topnotch customer service, including excellent online chat support.

Why CityPASS?

There are several stumbling blocks that commonly prevent family vacations from actually happening.  CityPASS offers the solution to several of these at once:

1 | Where are we going?

Try one of the 11 US destinations featured on CityPASS.   Simple.

2 | What will we do once we get there?

CityPASS offers specific destinations, so you don’t waste valuable vacation time trying to figure it out.  Check that box.

3 | How are we going to afford it?

CityPASS offers up to a 50% discount on combined experiences for you and your monkeys.  Easy answer.

Our TWM writing team produces family-oriented CityPASS reviews of each urban area.  Some CityPASS destinations are more kid-friendly than others, which is why we’ve taken the time to break them down for you.


CityPASS Atlanta Review

Explore the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, The Center of Civil and Human Rights, and More!  With CityPASS, you get an amazing 40% discount on combined activities and the confidence that you are visiting the best of what Atlanta has to offer.

CityPASS Chicago Review

In this family-centric CityPASS Chicago review, I will unpack each of the offered attractions and how they can best be enjoyed while traveling with kids.  Imagine dancing on glass-bottomed ledges 1,300 feet above the city, standing next to Van Gough’s original self-portrait, or peering into the jaws of the world’s largest t-rex.  These are only a few examples of the Chicagoan wonders your family can encounter with CityPASS.