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Why Dosh?

Save money while traveling.  Save money for traveling.
Here at Traveling With Monkeys, we award the Dosh App 5 stars for affordable family travel.  This innovative, simple to use app is destined to save you money by delivering automatic cash back on purchases without a coupon clipping frenzy.  This Dosh Review details the following reasons why we recommend this app when traveling with kids:

  • Easy to Use: Secure and simple signup
  • Saves Money on Vacation: Top hotel and attraction deals
  • Saves Money for Vacation: Turn your cash back into a travel fund

We are constantly testing out new family travel apps to discover the best fit for your needs.  Questions or comments?  Please respond in the comments section at the end of this article.

Easy to Use: Secure and simple signup

Dosh does the heavy lifting for you.  Have you ever been in a grocery store checkout line fishing through your wallet for a coupon while your kids are screaming like banshees and pulling snickers off the shelves?  No more, I say!  Every time you make a purchase, Dosh sifts through its catalog of businesses, finds coupons, and deposits the cash back instantly into your account.

How to Get Started

1. Download Dosh on your smartphone now.  It’s free.

2. Connect your credit and debit cards to the app.  You’ll get $5 just for connecting your first card!

Tip: We highly recommend signing up your preferred Travel Rewards cards with Dosh.  Now you can receive cash back on both your card and the Dosh app simultaneously.  

3. Refer a friend.  For a limited time, Dosh will send you $5 every time you successfully refer a friend to their app.

4. Save money.

Question: Is Dosh connected to all coupons that exist in the known universe?

Answer: Sadly, no.  Dosh has, however, partnered up with thousands of businesses.  They can’t give you cash back for every coupon available on earth.  You can search on your app to see which businesses in your location are partnered with Dosh.  If you are too busy (like me) to shop around on Dosh, you will still receive cash back when you make a qualifying purchase.  I’ve noticed a plethora of Dosh partners when I’m visiting metropolitan areas and less in my small hometown.  I received $167 cash back on my last trip without even paying attention to the app.

Saves Money on Vacation: Top hotel and attraction deals

We love Dosh’s travel-centric focus.  A family vacation is one of the easiest ways to spend a lot of money, and we are always looking for the best deals to deliver us affordable destinations.  For more our ideas on how to overcome financial stumbling blocks, check out this article by TWM’s own Domestic Budget Goddess.

Dosh offers one of the most affordable booking services on the web.  You will also receive $25 for booking your first hotel and completing the stay.  That is stacked on top of the cashback you’re already receiving.

Tip: Unlike all of the other coupons and deals on Dosh, you must book directly through the app in order to receive cashback.  This can save you a lot of money, but make sure to check with to insure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Dosh has also partnered with top attractions like Disneyland, so you’ll receive cashback automatically for attractions you plan on visiting anyway.  Especially in larger cities, both local restaurants and food chains have signed up with Dosh to save you money.  I was surprised to receive a refund at a locally owned sushi restaurant during my last trip.  My son was stuffing his face with Yaki Udon when my phone went ding ding ding and $2 cashback appeared on my Dosh app.

 Question: I want to see more local businesses on Dosh.  How can I make that happen?

Answer: If you successfully sign up a business with Dosh, you will receive 20% of their Dosh fees for the next 2 years.  Once you sign up for an account, check out the “Refer a Business” page on the Main Menu.

Like what you hear?

Saves Money for Vacation: Turn your cash back into a travel fund

Once you hit $15 or more, you can transfer your cash back into your account and spend it!  Another option to a gleeful spontaneous shopping spree is to turn that money into your family vacation piggy bank.  Our own team writer Bonnie Anderson (aka the Domestic Budget Goddess) recommends the following tips to save money for a family vacation:

  • Put aside monthly savings
  • Use your tax return
  • Use extra paychecks or bonuses

If you combine these methods with your Dosh cashback, you can reasonably set aside funds to facilitate family time.  I have a friend who is currently using Dosh’s friend and business referrals to save money for a family trip to the Redwoods.

Question: What else can I do with my Dosh cashback?

Answer: Our website has a strong focus on service, so we love that Dosh gives you the option to donate your cashback to charity.  Just click on the “Donate to Charity” button in your Dosh Wallet to have the money automatically gifted to the charity of your choice.

Sign up for Dosh now to start saving money on (or for) your next family vacation.  Thank you for reading our 5-star traveling with kids Dosh review.  We would love to hear about your experiences with Dosh and answer any questions you might have in the comments section below.

Why Dosh?

Save money while traveling.  Save money for traveling.
Tanya Collings

Tanya Collings

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    1. I was skeptical of it at first, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. DOSH makes money with both advertising and by skimming a small percentage of your coupon. To me, that’s worth it. I never have time to clip coupons. Thanks for posting!

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