Family Service Challenge Guidelines | Valentine’s Edition

1. Formally accept the challenge on Facebook by posting “We accept the Valentine’s #familyservicechallenge” on your page.

2. Add a #familyservicechallenge frame to your profile photo by visiting our Facebook page for posts and links to our custom frames.  The most popular one is available here.

3. Share one of the images below with your friends and family on social media, and like our page if it interests you, to help bring awareness and participation to the challenge. Tag any friends and family you feel may be interested.

4. During the week of Valentine’s Day, February 10th-17th,  perform either one simple act of service every day for someone who NEEDS love (it can be to someone new every day or the same person) OR perform one grand act of service to someone or group of someone’s who NEED love.

5. OPTIONAL: Nominate someone who needs love to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card by filling out the form below before February 19.  You will be asked to provide information on your nomination as well as a screenshot or link showing that you’ve been using a #familyservicechallenge Facebook frame.