#familyservicechallenge | Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s #familyservicechallenge 2018

February is all but upon us. The new year has come and gone. We’ve looked inward, assessed, and made goals to better our lives. One of those goals, here at Traveling with Monkeys, is to keep the #familyservicechallenge strong by hosting events throughout the year. If you are not familiar with the #familyservicechallenge, let me fill you in.

The #familyservicechallenge was initiated in an endeavor to turn our focus outward, to teach our children the importance of cultivating this value, and to inspire others to leave the world better than they found it.  To accomplish this, we believe it is imperative to SEE what is happening around us. To put down the little screens in our hands and instead put an arm around a neighbor, loved one, friend, or maybe even a stranger. To touch the lives of others through simple acts of kindness, and take responsibility for the world in which we live. We strongly believe that through small and simple acts of service, great things can be accomplished.


We advocate for serving others no matter where in the world you are, be that at home or on vacation. We have discovered that some of the most powerful and memorable acts of service come when working as a family to make the world better then we found it. In fact, when supercharging our family time, like on vacation, we tend to be more vulnerable and open to both giving and accepting help.

There are so many reasons why participating in something like the #familyservicechallenge is beneficial. Not only does it promote kindness in the world, something that we can always strive for more of, but the personal benefits of performing service are undeniable.  Alfred Alder, the forefather of all modern psychology, discovered that one’s mental health was directly related to one’s social interest in helping others. His prescription for a good, healthy, and positive mindset was service.

“Unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives. Those who live only for themselves eventually shrivel up and figuratively lose their lives, while those who lose themselves in service to others grow and flourish—and in effect save their lives.” -Thomas Monson

A perfect example of the power and impact serving others has on our own lives is given here by Kristina Kuzmic, also known as The Truth Bomb Mom.

I recently came across an article titled The Needs Before Us. This particular section of the article really struck home to me, and I felt it portrayed why it is so important to teach our children the importance of looking outward and SEEING the world. Why the #familyservicechallenges can be an avenue in which we use to make the world a better place.

“We live in a culture where more and more we are focused on the small, little screen in our hands than we are on the people around us. We have substituted texting and tweeting for actually looking someone in the eye and smiling or, even more rare, having a face-to-face conversation. We are often more concerned with how many followers and likes we have than with putting an arm around a friend and showing love, concern, and tangible interest.” (The Needs Before Us)

Let’s work together, reminding ourselves and teaching our young people how to interact and SEE the world. How to make a difference externally, and as a bonus, internally.

So with that introduction to the #familyservicechallenge, we would formally like to invite you to participate in our Valentine’s edition. Providing service to those who NEED love.

#familyservicechallenge Valentine’s Day guidelines:

1. Formally accept the challenge on Facebook by posting “We accept the Valentine’s #familyservicechallenge” on your page.

2. Add a #familyservicechallenge frame to your profile photo by visiting our Facebook page for posts and links to our custom frames.  The most popular one is available here.

3. Share one of the images below with your friends and family on social media, and like our page if it interests you, to help bring awareness and participation to the challenge. Tag any friends and family you feel may be interested.


4. During the week of Valentine’s Day, February 10th-17th,  perform either one simple act of service every day for someone who NEEDS love (it can be to someone new every day or the same person) OR perform one grand act of service to someone or group of someone’s who NEED love.

5. OPTIONAL: Nominate someone who needs love to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card by filling out the form below before February 19.  You will be asked to provide information on your nomination as well as a screenshot or link showing that you’ve been using a #familyservicechallenge Facebook frame.

I can’t wait to hear about your #familyservicechallenge experiences. I hope they are amazing!
Mykee Saunders

Mykee Saunders


As a writer and mom of four who loves to travel, Mykee designed this website to share tips, tricks, and destinations for meaningful family adventures.  She is passionate about service and recently spearheaded the #familyservicechallenge movement.


    1. Hi Amanda,

      You can always nominate the same person to whom you are gifting service that week. It’s a great opportunity to give on multiple levels!


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