Our Top Travel Gifts for Kids and Parents

Creative travel gifts to inspire explorers of all ages.

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Little Passports

This award-winning educational subscription package delivers a new surprise every month, from United States journal logs to World travel and culture.  Ideal to help your little ones prepare for an upcoming trip or learn about their world during a stay-cation.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Umbrella Stroller

We can’t recommend this stroller enough.  It is a compact, light, good quality stroller that can be easily maneuvered through airport security as well as hit the amusement park pavement. Its full reclining capability sets it apart from the competitors.  Can we say nap time, please?

EocuSun Kids Travel Tray

While there are a variety of travel trays out there, this one is our favorite. It is versatile enough for planes, trains, or automobiles and packs up into a lightweight shoulder bag for easy transport. Good for coloring, craft projects, and eating. This tray allows kids to easily reach their necessities without the mess and frustration.

Yeti Tundra 45 Food Cooler

This is the king of all coolers.  Whether you are road tripping or camping, this is the perfect cooler for any traveling family. It offers more insulation than your traditional cooler guaranteed to keep things cold all day long. The lid interlocks with the cooler itself making it spill and bear proof. While it is on the spendy side, it’s also worth its weight in cooler gold.

Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover

Every mom should have one of these! This cover changed the way that we travel with babies. It is lightweight, stretchy, and can be used as not only a car seat and nursing cover, but you can also use it as a swaddle in a pinch.

This family company is owned by one of TWM’S friends. All of their products are awesome!

Osprey Poco Child Carrier Pack

This pack is a necessity for families who love to hike, camp, and backpack.  Kids up to 48.5 lbs. can ride in the Poco Pack.  The Osprey Poco Pack is equipped with an easy to open mesh sunshade to shield your little ones from the rain and sun.   It also has adjustable shoulder and waist straps, so that both Mom and Dad can take turns.

Uncle Goose State Blocks

One of the most educational and well-built travel toys on the market.  With this set, your kids can learn the capital, bird, motto, and tree for each of the 50 United States.

Trunki Boostapack

This Trunki Boostapak is exactly what the portmanteau implies: a booster seat and a backpack at the same time.  This means you not only avoid bumping elbows with your big booty booster seat at airport security, your kid can actually fill it with toys and carry it on their own.


CityPASS offers up to a 50% discount on combined experiences for you and your monkeys.  They currently offer package deals in 10 major US cities.  Read our detailed CityPASS review for more information.

Phil & Ted’s Lobster High Chair

This highchair’s sleek carry pouch and industrial appearance make us feel cool when we whip it out at a Denny’s.  Not every restaurant on your next road trip will offer highchairs, but, hey, you don’t need them anyway, because you’re a cool, collected, self-sufficient parental unit.

Scratch Your Travels USA Map

A gift for those kids who love checklists and travel.  Children can hang up this map in their room and scratch off each state after they visit it.

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