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From: Not Just Disney | The Real OC For Kids

Fireworks spray like shooting stars over Orange County every evening, with ooohs and aaaahs from the “Happiest Place on Earth” drifting through the original Disneyland theme park. There’s no doubt the Magic Kingdom turns family travel into an enchanting romp through kiddie heaven, but there’s so much more to The OC than what first meets a million star-struck eyes. From roaring beach fires to windswept fishing piers, tethered hot-air balloon rides, ice skating, and the crack of pro ball at Angel Stadium, you’ll find all kinds of magic brewing and bubbling when traveling with kids in Orange County.

3 MUST Have Items to Make Vacation Naps a Reality

  3 Must Have Items to Make Vacation Naps a Reality By Mykee Saunders Missing a nap can mean the difference between Pleasantville and Elm Street. As I sit in my hotel room while my baby naps, I realize how grateful I am for our white noise machine. With four...

5 Winter Sun Protection Tips for the Entire Family

  5 Winter Sun Protection Tips for the Entire Family By Whitnee Jenkins Sun care is equally important in the winter, especially when traveling with kids For those of us who live in colder parts of the country, sun protection may not be the first thing on your...

Adventures on Purpose: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

Family vacations are put on the back burner for numerous reasons. Soccer season leaves very few weekends open, the dishwasher needs to be replaced taking any wiggle room out of the budget, and the thought of doing the loads and loads of laundry afterwards makes you nauseous. Each of us has our own stumbling blocks that we need to get through to make it happen.

10 Tips to Eliminate Kid-tastrophies on Your Next Flight

I’m not sure what’s worse: 1) being a passenger on a plane forced to listen to the hysterical commotion of kids three rows back or 2) being the frazzled parent, thoroughly embarrassed by the judgmental looks and comments of fellow travelers. Wait. Actually, I do. Having been both, the frazzled parent wins.  Hands down.

11 Tips on How to Pack for Kids

We all love family vacations. Making lasting memories with our kids is a major goal for any parent. Traveling with your kids is one great way to share the adventures that make treasured memories.  On the same note, we know how stressful traveling with kids can be and how difficult packing for a trip is. But in the end seeing the awe in their faces as they experience the world makes it all worthwhile.