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How to Use the ASTC Travel Passport Program to Visit Museums for Free

How to use the ASTC travel passport program to visit museums for free with photo of little girl at a museum with an notebook.

It has been quite the frigid winter here in the Midwest. Record breaking. Between the -15 degree temperatures and the flu that is going around, all of my kids are getting stir crazy and I’m feeling the mommy burnout starting to set in. When it’s too cold to go outside our options for fun are limited to indoor activities which can get pricey really fast when you have 5 kids to pay for.

The 8 Best (and Worst) Attractions in Chicago for Kids

Millenium Park Water Fountain. Kids playing in Chicago..

Over the past 3 years we have explored many of the things to do in Chicago with kids and even tried out a few things that maybe weren’t the best options. . . I’ve never heard “my legs are tired” so many times in my life! By making your plans based on these tried and true suggestions you will rest assured that you are investing in the “better” things and not wasting your time and money on things that are just “good.”

Adventures on Purpose | Making your travel resolutions stick

Photo of a family hiking and the title "How To Make Travel Resolutions Stick"Travel More. This is a resolution that is totally in your control.

December is almost over, and many of us are thinking what  2018 is going to look like for our families.  I’m sure some of you have your entire year all planned out. Your husband is going to win the lottery, you’re going to get pregnant with baby #5 (yikes!), and your 3-year-old is going to potty train himself.

5 Gifts for Families Who Love to Travel

5 Gifts for Families Who Love to Travel text with boy in the snow holding a present.

Cyber Monday is almost over, and I’ve been so busy traveling with kids that I just found time to write this post.  Two weeks ago, I was so inspired while editing the rough draft of Bonnie’s article “Adventures on Purpose: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks,” that I packed my bags for two spontaneous vacations in a row.