Top 10 Family Travel Apps

Photo of iPhone with travel app and map of USA.

A big part of family travel involves keeping everyone calm, happy and comfortable while exploring new territory—easier said than done, right? Fortunately, family travel apps are at your click-and-call, perched on your mobile device like little knights in shining armor. Springing to action on a moment’s notice, they can ensure smooth rides, trouble-free transitions, access to family-friendly activities, and info on getting around in new places.

Ridesharing With Kids | Does It Work?

Busy metropolitan areas can be great fun for families if you plan ahead and “know the ropes.” But what about getting around on hectic and unfamiliar city streets, with exorbitant parking-meter rates and a litany of rules requiring 5 minutes of reading just to figure out if you can actually park there? Fortunately, today’s world has Uber and Lyft, which can be godsends for families.